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JaCor offers specialized installation and repair services for existing hangar door systems. 

With over 45 years of combined aircraft hangar door experience, JaCor can assist you with a turn-key solution. Installation services are available in all 50 states for applications including:

  • Weather seal and brush seal installation on any hangar door from any manufacturer

  • Overhead trolley bus duct, enclosed conductor rails, and power system replacement for existing bottom rolling hangar doors

  • Turn-key service for our retro-fit Titan Drive System and Internal Titan electric drives - Design to Installation

  • Corporate hangars, commercial hangars, private hangars, military hangars, and government hangars



Do you see LIGHT around your hangar door system?  Properly weatherstripped hangar doors ensure the rain, snow, sand and birds are kept out of your hangar and away from your investments.  If your heating or cooling your hangar Weather Seals can pay for themselves in a matter of months.



Older trolley duct systems consisted of a single power collector and continuous runs of copper (typical of Aeromotive and Aerobar Trolley duct systems).  If any section gets damaged the entire run of copper needs to be replaced.  Our Enclosed Trolley Duct consists of 13ft removable sections, so if damaged it's easily replaced .  Our system also utilizes dual power collectors to ensure the electric operator has a redundant power source.  Let JaCor design and install a new Trolley Duct System for your bottom rolling hangar door.



Tired of manually moving your hangar doors?  Let JaCor Supply and Install our Titan 2000 Electric Drive System so you can open/close your hangar doors with the push of a button. High quality electrical components, heavy-duty steel parts, and quick turn around make the Titan Drive System the best choice for any hangar or industrial door application.

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